Paynefield Farm | Wedding

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This wedding venue may look familiar to some of you who have been following us for a while! I photographed Meghan’s brother’s wedding a few years ago at this very same farm and venue!

The only difference is that I asked Brandon and Meghan to stand in rows of CORN instead of climbing into a soybean field! This day was beautiful. The weather was incredible! It felt better to be outside than inside! It was almost as if we had sneak peek into fall just for one day with 70 degree temps, zero humidity and a slight breeze! It was the perfect day for Brandon and Meghan to start their new life together!

I’ve known Meghan her entire life. We grew up in the same small town and went to the same country church where my Dad has been the pastor for over 30 years. It felt like this wedding day was a giant reunion…. only with a lot more tiny kiddos running around! My Dad officiated the ceremony, we photographed the day, friends provided food, the venue is owned by a family friend and all of our families were in attendance…. including all of our kids! Micah, Evy, Harper and Graham haven’t been at a wedding that we have photographed in some time and I have to say, I had to work hard not to be too distracted. They looked so precious in their wedding attire!!!

Speaking of wedding attire, Meghan looked beautiful. She’s always been gorgeous but she was glowing on her wedding day and I loved photographing the two of them! Not only are they photogenic, but I shot their entire wedding day with a brand new camera body and I quickly fell in love with it! From their willow tree portraits to the corn field, it didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to show you my favorites!

Meghan and Brandon, we’re so happy for you guys. Brandon, I know we haven’t known you since you were a baby but we do know the Beasley’s and you’re one lucky guy. You have married into one special family. We’re so happy for you both and it was an honor to be your photographers!!!!


Ceremony & Reception | Paynefield Farm

Dress Store | Ava Laurenne

Dress Designer | Madison James

Florist | King William Florist

Planner | Anna Burke

Hair | Rachel Weirup

Make Up | FBJ Weddings

Entertainment Services | H & W Entertainment

Sweet Treats | The Mix House

Bridesmaids Dresses | Tiffany’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire | Jos A Bank

Invitations | Simply to Impress

Tent | Topside Tent & Party Rentals

Hand Lettered Signs | Lauren Brooks

Check out Brandon & Meghan’s Engagement Session HERE!

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Jonathan + Melanie Grand Ivory Wedding

Oh, this wedding day!! What a beautiful Texan dream! I met Melanie when she attended one of our workshops years ago in our home. She had the sweetest spirit and such a kindness about her. I remember loving how she made personal marketing her own and did headshots in a pile of Skinny Pop!! I loved her creativity and her ability to envision what she wanted in her brand.


My review of the Canon EOS R6 after shooting a full wedding day is LIVE on Youtube! I was so nervous to use a brand new camera system for full wedding day… I had my Mark IV ready in my bag just in case… but thankfully, I never had to use it! I was really hoping that I would love it and feel comfortable with it….


Real Wedding Canon EOS R6 Review My first wedding with the R6!

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Brandon+Meghan Paynefield Farm | Wedding

This wedding venue may look familiar to some of you who have been following us for a while! I photographed Meghan’s brother’s wedding a few years ago at this very same farm and venue!


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I’ve been hoping for this day for a very long time…. but I wasn’t sure that it would ever come. That sounds dramatic but let me explain. I LOVE my website company. Showit is incredible and the more I learn about and experience other platforms for hosting and creating custom websites, the more I realize, they aren’t really, truly “custom” at all. Showit is the website design platform for the creative. Hands-down. It’s so powerful, so intuitive and so easy to use. Years ago, Showit created a way to implement a Showit theme onto a Wordpress blog!!! Genius! I couldn’t wait for my blog to be a Showit blog…. but it never happened.


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If you are like me and you’re a natural light wedding photographer, you may not love using the Canon 600 EX-RT flashes. But they are so necessary!

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